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TCIA MemberOwner, Paul Lemmon, of Lemmon's Stump Removal, started his business in 2004.   As a very ambitious and hard working 24 year old, he saw a need for a prompt, professional stump removal service that offered a complete service with clean-ups.  That was when he established Lemmon's Stump Removal and bought the first stump grinding machine.

Paul has been an entrepreneur from the beginning.  He grew up in North Canton, Ohio where he started shoveling driveways in the Winter when he was just old enough to cross the street.  Paul has worked as a construction supervisor, building new homes.  He was involved in each stage from layout to handing the keys to the new homeowners and walking them through the house.  In 2000, he began a home remodeling business. 

Paul Lemmon stump grinder


"I've always enjoyed operating equipment and have run almost everything out there from my small stump grinder to twin engine Caterpillar scrapers, small and large bulldozers, and excavators. My past experience in the excavating business help me in this business by understanding grades, and how underground utilities are run.  I've worked my way up from small 25hp to the top of the line 110hp. I enjoy traveling around, meeting people and helping out with their projects."


"I take my job very seriously and have worked with engineers who develop this equipment to make the product better. I do almost all of the maintenance myself on these machines. I'm in this for the long haul and will to continue to grow my business and provide unmatched service in the area."