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Each and every job is unique. Each customer has a different goal in mind. My first goal is to perform your job safely.

Upon arrival, I look for any type of hazards, from underground utilities, to windows, cars, downspout pipes and anything that can interfere with getting your job done properly.  I can always call to have your main utilities marked (gas, water, sewer, phone, cable).

Stump grinder safetyUnfortunately, privately installed lines are the responsibility of the homeowner. This is where a little communication can go a long way.  Any information on downspouts, sprinkler lines, invisible dog fences, outdoor lighting wires and gas lines to fireplaces, grills, or lamps can all be useful in getting your job done correctly.

Once we establish all the necessary information, it is time to secure the area. I always ask that cars are moved as far away from the work zone as possible. I will cover any glass, vinyl fences, or plantings that could be damaged by debris.  Please understand the stump grinder is not like a chipper where I can aim the material that comes out of it, and not being able to see beneath the ground can make for an unexpected hazard.

If you would like to watch the operation I ask that you wear safety glasses and I'll point out the safest location for you to watch. You will not gain any extra visibility by standing closer, it only puts you at risk to injury. I ask that all pets and young children are not outside or anywhere around the area. Once the job is complete and the machine is loaded and turned off I'll be happy to show you more about the machine and answer any questions.

I take these safety practices seriously, and will not avoid any of them.